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About three minutes walk from Akabane station, there is a small sushi restaurant along the quiet street.

There is no big sign of the restaurant outside, but you can see a small lamp on the ground which can be seen from afar.

In the restaurant, there are eight seats at the counter, four seats at the table and one privare room (four seats), which you may think the number of seats is quite few.

Since the chef is particular about servicing finest food by communicating with each customer, only limited number of customers could visit the restaurant at a time.

Miyako bunten is one of an exclusive sushi restaurant in Tokyo, but because of the wonderful taste which the highly skilled chef provides and the friendly hostess, many regular customers visit frequently.

They all say, “It makes me feel that I want to come back here again.”

At dinner time, the only menu you could choose is “Chef’s choice” course.

Therefore, you do not need to think what to choose: small-plate dishes will be served continuously.

The menu could be changed according to the customer’s opinion and mainly decided by using the fish and seafood in season. You can ask the chef to prepare less sushi and more sashimi, less side dish, and so on.

The fish is delivered from Tsukiji market everyday, the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world.

You could taste the sushi and other side dish of highest quality. Every dish has the originality, and you can feel how much time and care is put on each dish.

They also have nice Japanese sake which goes well with sushi.

Just be careful that you can only pay by cash.

If you wish to eat finest sushi, especially on special occasions, I recommend you to visit here at least once, and you may be the next regular customer!

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