Surf Cafe (Hankyu Men’s Tokyo in Yurakucho )

Recently, shops which sell not only merely products but also suggestion of lifestyle and culture are increasing in Tokyo. Surf Cafe is one of such the café is introduced style of urban life.This shop introduces new culture that is popular in New York called ” Urban surf ” in Tokyo.


They sell various items of fashion, surfboards and wet suits that surfers like. Moreover a small café space is located in this shop. Shop stuffs roast and grind coffee beans and hold flavor of coffee. You can drink coffee,espresso and beer in this café space.  You can enjoy looking surfer’s items even if you don’t buy products of this shop.


There are a lot of shops which took in the tip of the world fashion in Tokyo.  So you only walk the town of such Tokyo, and you can know the fashion of the world.  Tokyo is stimulating and nice town.



Opening hours /  12:00~21:00  Sunday / 11:00~20:00

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