This cute little joint sits in a corner of a small street filled with little restaurants and stores, about 5 minutes walk from Nakameguro Station. It almost looks like a cool beauty salon from the outside until you spot the Heinz Ketchup and Mustard on their window sill.

Now you know they have some sort of Western food. It serves char-grilled food such as Angus steaks and burgers and craft beer from around the world. They also have many Tex-Mex food such as burritos and quesadillas. Also everybody’s favorite, jerk chicken, mac & cheese, buffalo wings and garlic shrimp.

The tables are small and the chairs are also but their food is very fulfilling and it really just hits the spot, especially if you have that taste bud that is American. Though you need to order in advance, they have a HUGE burger that eats up to 10 people, diameter 30cm, and height at 15cm. That would be fun for a birthday party! Their decor is Californian and Hawaiian infused, very relaxing for me who grew up in California.

One thing that bugs me is that they also welcome dogs in this small little joint. There’s hardly any space between tables so a guy’s dog was literally sitting on my shoe. I love dogs, but not in public places like this, especially when there’s food around.

They also deliver food to neighboring areas such as Kamimeguro, Yutenji, and Nakameguro, but if you’re not too far, they are willing to deliver, if the kitchen’s not overly busy. Its great to go on weekends for a late lunch, but also perfect to hang out with your pals over beer and wings.

Just be careful to not too much of your personal belongings with you, as the place is small and though they give you a basket to put your stuff in to put under your table, it was not enough for my computer bag and a relatively big handbag.

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