Summer Sonic (Music Festival)



One of Japan’s biggest rock and alternative music festivals

Why not enjoy you summer by participating in one of Japan’s biggest rock and alternative music festivals? Every summer, there is a music festival celled Summer Sonic held around mid August. Artists from all around the world (There are also Japanese artists participating, but mainly English speaking foreign artists) are invited every year to participate.

The event is usually held for two days. A one-day ticket usually costs 15,000 – 16,000 yen and a two-day ticket costing less than 30,000 yen. If you are planning to buy a two-day ticket, make sure that you book a hotel nearby beforehand as places are booked very quickly. If you weren’t able to find a close hotel nearby, then you can always participate in the all night event at summer sonic without having some sleep!

At Summer sonic, the events are held near Kaihin-Makuhari Station, which can be accessed from Tokyo station by taking the JR Keio line. (A 30 min ride by rapid train).

There are two places being used during the event. The First is called Makuhari Messe, which is a huge convention center used for many events. Around 3-4 stages are set up in Makuhari Messe. The other place where all the huge headliners are playing is called Marine Stadium. Marine stadium is actually a home stadium for the Lotte Marines baseball team, and will be converted into a stage during Summer Sonic.

There is lot of music for you to enjoy on the day, but also be sure to check out some shops where they sell foods from all around Japan. But be sure to buy yourself a drink before you enter the facility, since drinks cost around 200-300 yen more than the usual price. Finally, if you have the chance, you should buy yourself a Summer sonic t-shirt with all the artist names being printed on the back. It’s a pretty cool t-shirt!!

Summer Sonic 2015

August 15th – 16th


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