Sukiya, one of the famous Gyudon restaurants in Japan

Sukiya is one of the nation-wide fast food restaurant chains which serves Gyudon (beef bowl) for reasonable price. Sukiya features that many of their shops provide individual tables for the customers of families or groups as well as ordinary counter tables like other Gyudon chains, in addition, their huge variety of food menu is the primary reason of attracting wide range of customers regardless of the age.

They are offering not only Gyudon or other bowls, but also curry rice, Unagi, Teishoku of a lot kinds, meals for breakfast, some desserts, and kid’s meals. They also offer seasonal menu for each season, so that you will never get tired of visiting Sukiya.

Sukiya is now operating about 1,900 shops all over the country which is the largest number of Gyudon chains in Japan and also some restaurants overseas in China, Brazil and Thailand.

Gyudon has much popularity among Japanese locals and has some fast food chains throughout Japan. There are three major restaurant chains which are Yoshinoya, Matsuya and this Sukiya. Each chain offers their original taste of Gyudon, and so each has own fans. If you are interested in Japan’s Gyudon culture, just try them all! You will find your favorite one after comparing the flavors of each chain.

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