Spot for Yozakura (Cherry blossoms at night)

gorgeous cherry blossoms at night

Chidoriga Fuchi is one of the best spots to enjoy Cherry blossoms in Tokyo every spring. Why don’t you take a walk along the fosse around Kokyo (the residence of the Imperial Family)? There is a 700m long promenade with 260 big cherry trees where you can experience a walk through a gorgeous cherry blossom tunnel. When at night the view of innumerable pinkish pale-white petals with the dark black sky as its background is just breathtaking and unforgettable. Every year over 1,000,000 Japanese visit Chidoriga Fuchi in spring just to admire the beauty of spring!

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2 Responses

  1. meg says:

    This spot is perfect for admiring cherry blossoms at day and night. The pond filled with petals were so moving phenomenon.

  2. Sciencer says:

    The lighting-up sakura must be beautiful. I’d like to stay here as an ohanami party with japanese sake and foods.

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