Spiral – Multi-purpose cultural building in Aoyama, Tokyo

spiralSpiral is a multi-purpose cultural building located in Aoyama which is a trendy city and popular among young adult.

Maki Fumihiko designed this building. Its external appearance with intricate design is all white and conspicuous.

There is a spiral slope in the building which is the origin of the name.

Especially the first three floors have unique structure that allows an open plan inducing an experience of art different from that of ordinary museums and theaters.

The features of the spiral is gallery and various events such as contemporary arts exhibitions, dance and theater performances, concerts and fashion shows etc..

There are also restaurant, cafe, bar, interior shop, beauty salon and yoga studio.

As the concept of spiral is “fusion of art and everyday life”, each shops has unique stylish taste which gives you a good inspiration.

Fumihiko Maki is internationally known as a leading example of Japanese post-modern architecture whose other works are Akibadai gymnastic hall and Makuhari Messe.

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