Spacca Napoli

After 7 minutes’ walk from Shinjuku station towards the Tokyo Metropolitan Government or 2 minutes’ walk from Tochomae subway station, there is a nice casual Italian Pizzo Rante called ‘Spacca Napoli’. It is at the 52nd floor of Shinjuku Sumitomo building, which is the top floor of the building, so you can see the Tokyo Bay at daytime and enjoy the glittering night view of Tokyo from the window. Five tables are just beside the window, so you should better make a reservation if you want to have your meal at this special seats.

The entrance of the restaurant is lovely as if it will appear in a picture book, and many miscellaneous goods, wine bottles and decorative plates made in Italy are displayed, which makes you feel that you visited a friend’s house in Italy. The gorgeous chandelier and the stylish lights lighten up the whole space, and makes your meal more enjoyable.

The chef has trained cooking at Italy and will serve you nice Italian dishes, such as pizzas, spaghetti, main dish using fresh meat and fish, and desserts. The professional pizza maker from Italy will bake the pizzas one by one neatly. They offer dessert pizzas as a limited menu, the hot, chewy pizza baked with fruits on it and ice cream is added as a topping.

For groups over 20 people, there are private rooms which interior reminds you of an Italian wine cellar or Italian living room.

There are several course menus so you can choose favorite dishes on your own or just select course menus depending on what you want to eat and who to eat together with. Since people feel like spending a long time both enjoying their meal and the view while taking, many groups of women visit here and stay for quite a long time.

Have a wonderful meal with magnificent view at Spacca Napoli.

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