Soba Ishihara Gakugei Daigaku

Soba Ishihara Gakugei Daigaku

Soba Noodle with Japanese Sake in a cafe

Soba Ishihara Gakugei Daigaku


Within 5 minutes’ walk from Gakugei Daigaku station, there is a stylish cafe called “Ishihara” which serves nice soba noodle (buckwheat) and Japanese sake. It is a normal cafe with several table seats and counter seats, stylish lights, and alcohol bottles displayed around the open kitchen at first sight. But you will probably be surprised at the quality of the soba noodle they provides.

The handmade soba noodle is made by the professionals everyday, and you can enjoy the resilience of the noodle and also the slight aroma of the buckwheat. To make the deeper taste, they select the buckwheat seeds from all over Japan and combine 5 to 7 kinds to create its original taste. There are both cold soba noodle which you dip it into the cold noodle soup, and hot soba noodle which is served in the bowl of hot noodle soup, and there are also several toppings to enjoy the soba noodle even more.

They also have more than 10 kinds of Japanese sake which go well with soba noodle and other Japanese side dishes. Some of the sake are only be able to drink at a particular season, so you may look forward to finding new and limited sake anytime you visit. Of course, there are also other drinks for people who are not familiar with Japanese sake.

It is also open at lunch time and break time, and order the lunch set including soba noodle. They also provide desserts using soba and coffee without too much aroma so that it will not disturb the aroma of the soba noodle.

It is open until midnight, so you can enjoy eating soba noodle and a little Japanese dishes with your favorite drinks whenever you like, and the jazz music played in the cafe will create the cozy atmosphere. Visit “Ishihara” to have a relaxed meal and break time with nice soba noodle!!

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