Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo Solamachi

Tokyo Skyetree is the tallest tower in Japan.That is 634m and it is Japan’s new symbol. That’s why it is used in shooting of drama.If you go up skytree,you can see row of houses and streets in Tokyo. The view is fantastic and you can see Tokyo Tower from there. Furthermore,if it is sunny,you can see even Mt.Fuji which is registered as a World Heritage Site.

After you see the view, we recommend that you stop over at “Tokyo Solamachi” where it is located in Tokyo SKYTREE TOWN.There are a lot of restaurants and cafes where you can eat some variety of food. You’ll enjoy Japanese food culture in here as well.

For examples,”Tawaraya”,where you can eat Onigiri. Onigiri is traditional Japanese food,that is made of rice. If you are interested in Japanese food,why don’t you try it? There is some kinds of taste inside the Onigiri, for examples, salmon, pickled Japanese apricot. We suggest that you eat pickled Japanese apricot. That is acid taste,but it is healthy and improve immunity.There are a lot of souvenir shop in Solamachi. If you want some Japanese souvenir,you can find interesting things.

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9 Responses

  1. naka says:

    skytree is beautiful. I wonder how the sight from the highest building of Japan and how it feels.

  2. Sciencer says:

    I’m surprised at the above picture. Both the skytree and Mt. Fuji are in the same frame. It’s so beautiful… beyond my description.

  3. Mark says:

    When I visited Skytree, it took a long time to go up to the viewing platform. However I heard it takes less time. Must try!

  4. haramin says:

    I went to skytree a week ago. And the view from top of the tree was amazing!

  5. haramin says:

    Is that

  6. Masayo says:

    The elevator is amazing! It’s so fast and quiet! You can go up 634m in a few seconds!
    I want to visit there again to see Mt.Fuji!

  7. hami2009 says:

    I’ve never been to Skytree yet, but always wanted to visit since it opened. The view from the observation room must be very beautiful! I’ll visit there for sure when I visit Japan this summer!

  8. moem says:

    Nice pic! Tokyo skytree and Mt.Fuji!

  9. Hiro says:

    When I went up Skytree at night, the view was like thousands of jewelries. It was amazing.

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