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Shodai, Famous Soba Noodle Restaurant in Ebisu Tokyo

About 2minutes’ walk from Ebisu station, there is a fine Soba(buckwheat) noodle restaurant called “Shodai”. The interior of the restaurant is designed by a leading designer and the relaxed atmosphere will make your meal more satisfying. There are also sister stores at Tsunashima and Mizonokuchi in Kanagawa prefecture.

At the first floor, non-smoking counter seats are lined up in a row in front of the kitchen, where you can see the chefs making the soba noodle from the noodle dough. The second floor is of table seats which is a smoking area, and it is good for groups of several people to enjoy their meals.

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At “Shodai”, you can eat delicious soba noodles which use high-selected soba made in Japan. There are many toppings for soba noodles, and tempura (deep-fried fish and vegetables) may be one of the nice choices. There are 6 kinds of salt (3 kinds from Japan, and from Bolivia, Bali, France) on the table which are of different texture and taste, and it is fun to compare the difference by eating tempura with them. Some people even eat cold soba noodle with salt instead of using cold noodle soup, so that they can enjoy the aroma of the soba further.

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Although it is a soba noodle restaurant, there are other recommendations besides soba noodle. One specialty of this restaurant is “White Curry Udon (white noodle)” which was introduced in a TV show. The original special mousse made from potatoes, fresh cream and spices covers the udon in curry soup, and it is popular among many people for its creamy and rich taste. There are also many kinds of Japanese side dishes to order while waiting for the noodle to be served.

If you want to eat nice buckwheat noodle and other side dishes in a stylish Japanese restaurant, we suggest you to visit “Shodai”.

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