Shinohara Furin Honpo

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Cool yourself down by the ting-a ling sound of Japanese wind chaim (Edo Furin).

shinohara edo furin tokyo


Shinohara Furin Honpo in Edogawa ward is a Edo Furin factory which has been operated for 100 years. It also sells Edo Furin in the store located next to the factory. There are opportunities for touring how to make Edo Furin and experiencing making your own Edo Furin throughout the year(except July and August which is the very busy season for them).

Edo Furin is a brand of the wind chaim which was originated in Edo period. One of the characteristics of Edo wind chimes is that the glass painting is done from the inside in order to protect the colors. This skill needs more than 30 years of training. And of course a sense of art is necessary to make beautiful Edo Furin. Usually goldfish, morning glory and balloon flower etc.. the ones which represent summer are on the Edo Furin.

Mr. Shinohara who is a second generation of the factory was awarded by Governor of Tokyo for his contribution to retain good Japanese tradition.
Shinohara Furin Honpo is located 12 minutes walk from Mizue station of Toei Shinjuku line.

If you have no time to visit them, you still have a chance to see their masterpieces. They sometimes open a temporary store at the department store in summer season.

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