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Awaodori performance in Shinjuku,Tokyo

Awaodori is one of the popular Japanese traditional dance originated in Tokushima prefecture. Awaodori Shinjuku is a Japanese bar (izakaya), 2 minutes from east exit of Shinjuku station where you can dance Awaodori. Please don’t regard this izakaya as a night club in Roppongi.

First dancing hour starts at 7:30 pm and second one starts at 9:30 pm.

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Awaodori dancers with cool traditional costume wearing a hat are ready for dance show. They dance in the izakaya’s narrow aisle with live music. At the beginning of the show, they teach you how to dance. All customers there can participate, if you want to just watching, you can stay at your table, you feel you want to dance anyway though. Please don’t be shy.

The show time is so bustling with live music and cheers so you can’t have a chat with your group members. Food and drink can’t be served to your table during the dance hours as aisle are packed with people. Arriving at the izakaya at least 1hour before the dance hour and start eating and drinking is the best way. The food and drinks are Tokushima themed Japanese food.

Japanese citrus is one of Tokushima’s specialty products. Distilled beverage (shochu) with Japanese citrus has a refreshing flavor. They offer sukiyaki, syabusyabu, sushi roll, Yakitori and more.

For wonderful memories, staff takes a picture of you and awaodori dancers. Of course you can wear the Awaodori costume although it is simply designed one.

Open hours

Monday – Thursday 5:00 pm – 11:30 pm
Friday, Saturday, night before holiday 5:00 pm – 4:00 am

The Awaodori festival is originated in the tradition of “Obon” which welcomes dead ancestor’s sprits. Living people go to the grave to meet their sprits, take them home and spend together for few days. During their stay, people held a bon odori festival to celebrate their visit.

The “real” Awaodori festival in Tokushima prefecture is the biggest one in Japan.

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