Shinagawa Season Terrace

Shinagawa Season Terrace

Shinagawa Season Terrace has just opened on May 28, 2015 as one of the largest office buildings in Tokyo. The first to third floors boast 21 cafes and restaurants, a convenience store, a pharmacy and a dental clinic. The fifth to 31st floors are for office use.

On the restaurant floors, there are some places targeting runners and joggers. Specifically ‘GOOD MORNING CAFÉ’ provides a runner’s station called ’10 OVER 9 RUN CUBE’ which contains some lockers, shoes lockers and shower room for runners. Tasty breakfast menu is ready for runners and joggers who refreshed themselves in the shower room after their morning run, and it bids for popular favor there.

Outside of the building is also extremely spacious and there are such beautiful landscape, well-kept lawn, greenery, water, flowers, sidewalks, and areas for recreation and events. From the late March to the early April, the cherry trees comes out their pale pink blossoms and it will attract the people visiting there.

Shinagawa Season Terrace has been constructed as a new model of eco-friendly office building which introduces efficient energy saving system using natural energy electric generation system. Furthermore, it has base-isolated structure ready for major earthquakes.

Shinagawa Season Terrace is located 6 minutes-walk from JR Shinagawa Station Konan Exit.

List of Restaurants in Shinagawa Season Terrace

  • Homework’s
  • Siam Seladon
  • Itamae Bar
  • Fukuen Chinese Cuisine
  • Charleston
  • Kyushu Nechuya
  • Kappogi Japanese-Style Izakaya Pubs
  • Tsukiji Dining Genchan
  • Ibukiya Seimen
  • Mitouan
  • Kitakata Ramen Ban Nai
  • Kanoya Athlete Restaurant
  • Los Angeles Balcony Terrace Restaurant & Moon Bar

List of Shops in Shinagawa Season Terrace

  • K.I Pharmacy
  • Famima!!

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