Shibamata Tour

Shibamata is one of nostalgic places in Tokyo. It has a lot of old houses here. Please look at below. These houses have existed for a long time.

This scenery is really attractive for you, I think. The houses whose roof is tiled roof called Kawara in Japanese. There used to be a lot of houses like these. This area included Shibamata has a lot of old houses like these and you can enjoy visiting them. It is very attractive for people who like Japanese history, I think.

Sibamata taishakuten or a unique shrine.


This shrine is called Shibamata Taishakuten. It was built for about 400 years old. So, this shrine has many histories on this land, and it is very famous shrine for Japanese people. Many tourists from foreign countries also visit there. You should visit here!!

More info of Shibamata Taishakuten

Shibamata shopping street


There are a lot of Japanese sweets shops here. For example,  Dango, Manju, Dorayaki, Senbei and so on… And, you can enjoy trying eating them with walking around the street. The people who visited Talshakuten stop to eat these sweets every time they go there. Do you know why?

Torasan who is a Movie character.


“Torasan” is a man who likes traveling in Japan. His radical residence is in this shopping street. He comes back home a few times a year. This statue is him. so, Shibamata is popular to Japanese elderly people thanks to him.

How about taking photos with his statue? It is very interesting pictures if your families look at this, I think!!


Actually , this is a dumpling shop. If you visit the shop, try eat dumpling at this shop.Thy are delicious.

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