Shakujii Park

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Shakujii Park, in Tokyo’s Nerima ward, is a 20 hectare (c.50 acre) green area of ponds and forest. It is remarkable for its prolific bird life, specifically waterfowl. It is very popular as a birdwatcher’s paradise In spring, Shakujii Park is notable for its hanami – cherry blossom, or sakura, viewing).

Shakujii Park consists mainly of two large connected ponds. At its eastern end is Shakujii Pond, with pedal boats for hire and at its western end, is Sampoji Pond. However within the park you can find a little fox shrine and Sampoji Temple.

At the eastern end of Sanpoji Pond there is a “Waterside Observation Park” where various rare waterside flora can be seen. And On an island in the middle of Sampoji Pond is the Marshland Botanical Reserve. Also on Sampoji Pond is Itsukushima Shrine. This Shinto shrine is accessible by a short bridge. You will also find lots of people fishing around the water edges.

The park is open all day, every day of the year, and admission is free.

How to get to Shakujii Koen Park in Tokyo. A 7 minute walk from the south exit of Shakujii Koen Station (Seibu Ikebukuro line).

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