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senju takeyabu soba noodle tokyo


In Adachi-ku, the place where you can feel the atmosphere of old town of Tokyo, there is one popular buckwheat noodle (soba) restaurant called “Senju Takeyabu”. It is about 3 minutes away from Senju-Ohashi station of Keisei Line, and you can find this restaurant among the apartments.

senju takeyabu soba noodle tolyo


You can choose from 3 kinds of buckwheat noodle each using different buckwheat flour to make different texture and appearance. Noodles using coarsely ground buckwheat flour contain bits of grain which create the aroma of the buckwheat when you chew it. On weekdays, they have a special set meal which you can enjoy 3 kinds of buckwheat noodle. The producing district of buckwheat changes everyday, and they are carefully ground on that day.

Since Senju area is famous for producing “Senju Negi” which is a green onion, many menus use plenty of this “Senju Negi” as a topping. Some of the recommended menus are “Curry Namban” (noodles and meat in curry flavored soup) and “Niku-negi” (dipping noodles with soup of meat and green onion). The soup of “Curry Namban” is well mixed with the noodles with accented Japanese pepper flavor, and the soup of “Niku-negi” has lots of soft stewed cubed pork and green onion in the soy sauce flavored soup which you dip the buckwheat noodle into.

There are also nice side dishes such as tempura and small dishes using seafood and vegetables. Today’s special is written on the blackboard, and you can enjoy them with nice Japanese sake before eating buckwheat noodle. If you order alcohol, they serve you salty buckwheat crackers. After meal, they will serve salty pudding as a free dessert. You will probably be satisfied with the quality of each dishes and the interior of luxurious atmosphere.

When you want to eat delicious buckwheat noodles and side dishes, you will enjoy your meal at “Senju Takeyabu”.

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