Saruya -Nihonbashi-

Have you ever heard about ” Tsumayouji ” ? This is a very thin stick to pick some food debris between theeth. This tool has been used among Japanese since Edo period. Saruya is a long-established shop that sells only tsumayouji from 300 years ago.
The shop sells a very elaborative tsumayouji that skillful artists make only 2000  a day. It also has a variety of tsumayouji like, a very thin tsumayouji, eto( animal symbols)tsumayouji, senryoubako( a box for gold), kiribako( a box made by a very good quarity wood), kuromoji tsumayouji, etc. If I choose one item in there, I’ll get a very thin tsumayouji and try to use by myself. So why don you get this tsumayouji as a present for your family or friends ? If you want to go there, get off a subway on Mitsukoshi station and go to B6 exit and walk for 7 minutes. The shop opens 9 a.m-17 pm from Monday to Saturday ( The third sunday and holiday are closed.)

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  1. Yaga says:

    I’m wondering if there are enough people to buy tumayouji. It’s cool to keep doing one thing for a long time.

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