Sanja Matsuri, a Spring Festival in Asakusa Shrine

imagesCA9E4N92If long winter is gone and warm and gentle spring comes, everyone would look for festivals.

In spring and summer season, there are many big festivals everywhere in Tokyo. Among them, Sanshasai, a festival held in Asakusa shrine, is the earlist one than any other festivals in May.

You can call Sanshasai  a Reitaisai, the most important celemony held in a shurine one or two times a year, and it’s hosted by Asakusa shrine.

In this festival, you can see many traditional parades, dances and songs so please check each event’s schedule before you go.

Many tourists come to see it from all over the world so it always gets  bustling. It used to be held from May 15th to 17th, but it’s shifted to the end of the third week on May, Friday to Sunday. In the case of 2014, it’s going to be held from May 16th to 18th.

Please make sure that the shurine is not Asakusa temple(Sensoji temple), a famous tour spot. However, you can find it easily because it’s located right back of the temple. You go through Raimon, a big entrance gate, and walk along the streets where there are many stand shops at both side.


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