Sanja Matsuri; A Festival in Asakusa

Sanja Matsuri; A Festival in Asakusa
Many elements of Japanese festivals are based on Shinto and Buddhism. One example is the Buddhist concept of appeasing ancestors’ souls. People in ancient times believed that bad things like epidemics, disasters, and other misfortunes were caused by the departed, people who had had hard times while they were alive.

There are several famous festivals in Tokyo.
Sanja Matsuri is one of them, taking place on May 17th and 18th this year at Asakusa, as this festival is of Asakusa shrine.

At that festival, you can soak up the festivities – along with the smell of food stalls and the boisterous shouts of people hefting portable shrines.

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  1. Naka says:

    So many people! I can tell that the festival must be very exciting. People wearing these happi look very energetic.

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