Sangenjaya Triangle Corner

sangenjaya sankakuchitai


There is a famous part of the town called ‘Triangle Corner’ in Sangenjaya. You can find that there are many Izakayas (Japanese style bar) and bars standing along several tangled paths. They are not ordinarily bars, but have long history. After the war, people built barracks in the burnt ruins for the reconstruction of their lives. Nakamise was one of them but later became bigger and became a shopping mall in 1950. Now there are several old streets such as ‘Echo-Nakamise shoutengai’ (Japanese traditional shopping mall), ‘Yuraku Dori (Yuraku street)’, ‘Sancha Sanbangai’, ‘Nakamichi-Gai (Nakamichi street)’, ‘Fukube Komichi(Fukube small street)’. All streets runs confusing like a maze. Not only traditional Japanese style Izakaya (Japanese style bar), there are wine bars and Asian cuisine restaurants too.

You can’t believe this is also a part of Setagaya-ku, which has fashionable image, represented by the popular date destination Carrot Tower. However ‘Triangle corner ‘ has its own atmosphere and many people with different age groups and gender are attracted to this place.


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