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Japanese Plastic Food Sample Art Experience in Tokyo (Yamato Sample Seisakusho)

Sample Fan Fun Fan offers trial classes of making food samples at a craft studio which is operated by Yamato Sample Seisakusho. Yamato Sample Seisakusho founded in 1952 and has dominated Japan’s sample food market since then.

Food samples now represent as one of the Japan’s cool art.  A lot of Japanese restaurants display food samples dishes in their front windows in order to attract the visitors with those delicious-looking sample dishes. In these days, similar food samples are made into small souvenir items such as key rings and fridge magnets.

Here is a place, Sample Fan Fun Fan, where the visitors can try their hand at making food samples. You can experience there to creat real-looking samples such as parfait, tart, cupcake, tempura, ramen, curry rice, and sushi. You can also choose the size of your work either real size or mini size.

Even if you are not such a nimble-fingered person, no need to worry about it. Some tiniest items such as fruits and other small ingredients are already pre-made by skillful staff, so that it would not be so complicated to create. Furthermore, the staff there would kindly give you detailed instructions in order to complete your work, in case you face some difficulty to proceed. It takes at least half an hour to finish up.

Sample Fan Fun Fan
Opening Hours 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Closed Wednesday and Thursday.
Fees 1,080 yen – 2,376 yen (including tax)
depending on what you make
Reservation Required.

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