Sakuradamon Gate

This is a famous gate which has an important history in Edo period, which is named “Sakuradamon”.

Sakuradamon Gate (2)

What’s Sakuradamon?

This gate is one of the gates having surrounded Edo castle. Now, Edo castle doesn’t exist. But some gates are still remaining there now. Sakuradamon gate has an important history in Edo period. In 1860, Ii Naosuke who was a sub minister in Japan was killed by the people who was against to his thought. We experiensed to learn about him in a Japanese history when we were students. I also learned it when I was a junior high school student. This happening is called “Sakuradamongaino hen”

Sakuradamon Gate


Another scenery of Sakuradamon gate

There are a lot of plants and you can feel a fresh air here. And you can see such as Japanese traditional structures and must be surprised at seeing them.

It is said that he was killed by someone in front of this gate. this place is very interesting and important as one of Japanese histories. Many Japanese who like Japanese history also visit here to feel the, it is very misterious place…

After visiting Sakuradamon gate, you can walk around Japanese Emperor’s residence. It has a huge yard and very beautiful!

Emperor’s residence or “kokyo” is very near from Sakuradamon. Many tourists also visit the place every year. You must have a good time to visit here.

Let’s enjoy undergoing to visit Japanese traditional places like these during your trip to Japan!

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