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If you are trying to find a place to have a picnic near Daikanyama station, visiting Saigoyama park may be the choice. The park is located on the hilltop and is also a nice viewing spot of Nakameguro city. It is also located right along the Kyu-Yamate street. Along the Kyu-Yamate street, there are many embassies and cafes in the calm environment. The fact that the park is located quite close to Shibuya and Ebisu is indeed a stunning fact!

Inside the park, there are benches the public can use freely, and lots of grass for an enjoyable picnic. Next to the park, there is a Kindergarten called AOBA –JIS (AOBA Japan International School) and kids from the kindergarten use the public space during lunch and after school so there is always an international atmosphere in the park.

If you are wondering where to go after chilling out in the park, there are a number of restaurants located 5~10 minutes away, as you walk towards Nakameguro Station along the Kyu-Yamate street. You will see a shop called Tsutaya (rental video/cd store) at the area. On a nice and sunny day, you can check out some café’s in the area to have some iced/hot coffee for refreshments. There is also a variety of foods ranging from western to ethnic, and are also rumors that Japanese Celebrities often visit the area for lunch.

After having some lunch or some coffee, you can head down to either Nakameguro or Ebisu Station to you next destination. If you decide to take the JR line from Ebisu station, it is highly advised to make some stops at the shops on the way. There are stores selling interesting clothing and by just walking down the street, checking out some of the stores on the way will also be enjoyable!

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