Roppongi Hills


There are 2 tall towers in Tokyo. Skytree and Tokyo Tower. However, I want to add another tall tower as a symbolic tower of Tokyo. It’s Roppongi Hills.

This tower has 54 floors and the highlight of the skyscraper is an observation deck at 250 with a 360-degree giant window. I’ve been there a few times when I lived in Tokyo and I still remember that view that you can see from the deck. The night view is especially amazing that you’ll never forget it. This floor is open until midnight during weekends so you can enjoy this sight as long as you can.

roppongi hills

I also remember that I visited an art museum in the tower. The museum is on 53 floor and usually holds a contemporary art exhibition. However, before you go up there by elevator, don’t forget to buy an entrance ticket at theMuseum Corn on 3F.  The price is 1500 yen( adults), 1000 yen(students), 500 yen(kids).

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  1. Naka says:

    It must be very beautiful to see night veiw from that high building. Tokyo has a lot of high buildings.

  2. Kiyo NY says:

    The view of the skytree and Tokyo tower from the observation deck is beautiful! There are a lot of shops in side of the building, too 🙂

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