Robot Restaurant Shinjuku

robot restaurant
What do you imagine when you hear the word “Robot Restaurant”? I imaged that a Japanese restaurant which has many small robot in it. When I went to Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku, I was shocked so much. I want you all introduce the robot restaurant.

The robot restaurant is in Kabukichho, Shinjuku. There are many noticeable shops with colorful lights. You can go acc to the map. When you are there, you will go through this entrance. It is so noticeable that you cannot miss it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter entering this restaurant, you can see this big robot. You can ride on the seat in front of the robot. Surprisingly, This room is just a waiting room.  During waiting, you will select your meal from two BENTOs, which is a single-portion or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. Basically the price of the robot restaurant is 4,000 yen and if you want alcohol drink, you have to pay more.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen you go down the basement stairs. In the basement, there is a big space. There are many chairs at the both said of the space like the United Kingdom Parliament. Everybody thought what on earth would happen here.

robot restaurant in shinjuku3Suddenly, many hot Japanese girls came and started to dance. Every audience was excited. They had various kind of costumes. They changed the way of dancing according to their costumes.

robot restaurant in shinjuku4Then some big robots came with Japanese hot girls! What  impressed me most was these big robots.

This Robot restaurant is so exciting! You might want to go there!

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5 Responses

  1. h a l says:

    A little scared to visit kabukicho at nights but the restaurant is so fantastic!

  2. Yaga says:

    It is very Japanese, I guess. It looks a little bit creepy to see the robots there. But it is also interesting to see them.

  3. Oimi says:

    Highly recommended and want to take my friends!!! There was tiny place but super craaazzyyy

  4. meg says:

    Wow, it’s sooo crazy.. but I think this idea is so interesting, and girls could enjoy this place. need to careful a bid to visit Kabuki-chou though.

  5. Sciencer says:

    I have watched this show’s digest in a TV program before. Since then, I’m looking forward to visiting this restaurant. Japan technology is so exciting.

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