Roastbeef Kamakurayama Tamagawa

At the tenth floor of Tamagawa Takashimaya department store, from two minutes walk from the Futako Tamagawa station, there is a European restaurant which serves finest roast beef.

The whole space is filled with overflowing natural sunlight from the window and you can see the Tamagawa river reflecting the sunlight in the afternoon, and you can see both Tokyo Sky Tree and Tokyo Tower lit up at night.

In the nice location, you can enjoy the best Wagyu (Japanese) roast beef of their fine selection. The roast beef is delivered on the wagon as a lump, and is cut carefully just beside your table. You can enjoy the aroma and the marvelous taste of the freshly cut beef which spreads in your mouth.

They have several courses both at lunch time and dinner time. Rice porridge of consomme soup with vegetables and flying fish roe is served in all courses which is one of the standard menu in this restaurant, and the light taste gives you comfort.

You can’t miss the hors-d’oeuvre which is the assorted seafood such as sea bream, scallop and shrimp depending on the day and course you choose. The bouillabaisse using the Ise lobster is also attractive.

They have many Burgundy wine which goes well with roast beef and other dishes.

For the dessert, they bring you several sweets as a wagon service, and you could choose several desserts and they would cut and serve them on the table in front of you. They will also prepare anniversary dessert plate if you make a reservation and ask them beforehand.

If you simply want to eat fine beef, visit Kamakurayama and you can enjoy your wonderful food and wine. And don’t forget to dress up a little, or they may not let you enter if they think your clothes do not matches the atmosphere of the restaurant.

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    I watched this restaurant on TV. Same restaurant is in kamakura.

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