Ristorante Caffè Ciliegio ( The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo Hotel )

Ciliegio is located in The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo Hotel which is only a 3-minute walk from Shinagawa station.This restaurant is famous for its excellent healthy Italian dishes.

They are cooking original menus focusing on health & beauty. The dietician whom the restaurant gives advice on cooking dishes which is low-calorie but enough nourishment. In addition the restaurant gets fresh and superior quality vegetables directly from local farmers.  The lunch course from which 30 items of nutrients can be obtained is popular among women.


The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo Hotel has a spacious garden extending to 20,000m2.  You can enjoy lunch relaxing views of their Japanese Garden through oversized windows.


The Japanese-style interior decoration that featured the theme of a cherry tree lets us taste a rich feeling. Why don’t you enjoy having a healthy lunch?


Seating: 72 Non Smoking

Opening hours / Breakfast : 6:30~10:30.  Lunch : 11:30~14:30.

Dinner : 17:30~ 22:00.

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