Among the many restaurants you see everywhere at Ginza Corridor, which is said to be ‘the kitchen of the Ginza’, there is one casual Spanish Italian restaurant called ‘RIGOLETTO KITCHEN’. The restaurant is always crowded although there are over 80 seats, and you can feel the nice smell and see people enjoy eating and talking everywhere.

The interior is rather simple and white is used as a predominant color.

In the center of the wide space, there is an open kitchen where you can see the chefs cooking using the highly-selected ingredients in front of you and prepared before your eyes, and served directly. You can directly ask the chefs what kind of food you want to order, and the chefs will make some suggestions for you.

The vegetables, fish and other ingredients of the season are carefully selected from all over the country, and you can enjoy its taste in a simple dish which makes use the taste of the ingredients to the fullest extent. There are many creative dishes with full of chef’s inspiration, and you will be excited at the delicious, original dishes.

You can first order several appetizers which are 300 to 500 yen each, and order pizzas, spaghetti or main dish afterwards. Seafood paella is one of the restaurant’s specialty.

There are many kinds of alcohol drinks to enjoy with the food, such as wine, cocktail and sangria using fruits at season.

Some of the desserts also changes irregularly, so you can find new menus each time you visit the restaurant.

There are also private rooms which is good for dinner parties, so be sure to make a reservation beforehand. It is especially crowded around the end of the year and the beginning of New Year, and also Christmas season.

Enjoy the nice Italian and Spanish dishes in the lively restaurant ‘RIGOLETTO KITCHEN’!!

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