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Ikebukuro is known as one of the big city always crowded with people, and crammed with many restaurants from all over the world. Among them, there is a fine Chinese restaurant which was also taken up by the TV which is called ‘Ran-ran’.

You can go there about five minutes on foot from Ikebukuro station, near the Sunshine 60 Street. There is another sister store in the west entrance side of Ikebukuro station. The chef will serve you real Chinese food who won in one of the famous cooking TV show. One of the recommendations is the ‘Sweet and sour pork of black vinegar’ which was introduced in the TV, and you will be surprised at the magnificent taste you have never eaten before at any other restaurants.

You should better also order ‘Beijing gyoza fried in iron pan’ which is a specialty dish in this restaurant. You do not need to put any sauce on it, and the well-seasoned vegetables and meat with gravy will melt together in your mouth.

They have many ordinary Chinese home cooking dishes which are popular among many people, and also luxury food such as Peking duck and shark fin. Every dish has the genuine Chinese taste and of reasonable price. Although there are so many menus that you may wonder what to order, be careful not to order too much since each dish has a great deal of amount of food!!

You can also reserve the whole restaurant from 25 people and could accommodate up to over 40 people which is good for holding dinner parties.

It is also open at lunch time and you can feel free to visit there even by yourself.

If you feel like having a hearty meal of delicious Chinese food which is not too expensive, we suggest you to visit Ran-ran.

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    looks very nice, GYOUZA! wanna try.

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