Ramen noodles in a can at Akihabara

Ramen noodles in a can at Akihabara

There are many interesting things in Akihabara, but this is very unique and you can’t find it in anywhere else but in Tokyo.

There are some bending machines selling cans Ramen Noodles inside.

They use konjac for noodles to keep that texture for the noodles. Then, it’s even more healthy as konjac is 100% calorie-free.

They have not only soup and noodles, but fillings like char siu and others.

If you are interested in something unusual, please go to Akihabara and try that!

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  1. Sciencer says:

    I guess a noodle dipped in a soup is like to soften by absorbing the soup. Why does this food overcome the problem? I’d like to try this to research it.

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