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If you are the man of all men, go to Ramen Bario in Kichijoji (it has shops in Nihonbashi, Toranomon as well). You miss the heavy, thick garlic flavor and carbloaded food in a big bowl. There are only counter seating available, I have to say that the seat is not comfortable at all. You don’t care, right? You just eat like a pig and just leave.

There is a long line out of the shop around the noon every day. If you go there in a group, you can’t sit side by side. All men (sometimes women) wait quietly in the line and then someone leave the shop, next one get in and takes a seat. This is Japanese style.

Even shop staffs are manly. Their uniform is a T-shirts with the superman-like logo with the Japanese character meaning man. They call out manly when they serve ramen to cheer you up.

Bario means “Bari = full-throttle” and “o = men”, full-throttle men!!

Some ramen shops create stylish ramen with colorful topping but Bario doesn’t do this. Bario just pile the stuff into the bowl, that’s it. Thick and mellow soup made by pork bone and soy sauce steals your heart. Noodles are chewy and filling as it is thick. Also thickly sliced roast pork, a mountain of bean sprouts, poached eggs are on top of the noodles.

You are the one who finish the work. You can add garlic which is in the bin on the counter as well as the spicy chili powder as much as you want.

You may have a trouble with using a chopsticks even you are the expert of using them as the stuff is piling and the noodles are heavy. It is recommended starting by eating the bean sprout first so that there is more room for the chopsticks moving around.

Eat as soon as you can is recommended as there are men waiting in the line behind you.

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