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A little away from the center of Shibuya, about 10 minutes’ walk from Shibuya station, there is a Japanese restaurant called “Potsurapotsura”. You can also go there from Shinsen station of Keio Inokashira line which takes about 2 minutes of foot.

The main theme of this restaurant is “sea and farm”. As for “sea”, they deliver fresh fish from the market every morning, and as for “farm”, they purchased fresh vegetables from the particular farm every morning. Therefore, you can always taste the fresh ingredients of best season.

Another theme is “visualization”. The glass-walled restaurant is seen from outside by the pedestrians, you can see the chefs cook at the open kitchen, and they visit the farm and winery to see the food and drink they provide with their own eyes. You can enjoy the delicious and secure food and wine. One thing to be careful is that the whole space is non-smoking so that people can taste and smell each dishes.

potsura potsura shibuya tokyo

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First, the assortment of 8 kinds of appetizer is served as a service charge. The small plates of appetizers using a variety of fish, meat and vegetables are just so amazing!! If you do not care about what to eat, ordering course menu is a good choice. Vegetable dishes, fish and meat dishes are included and you may also add “Takikomi-gohan (seasoned rice with seafood and vegetables)”. Each dish is beautifully served, and can enjoy its delicate taste and aroma created by the high-selected ingredients.

At this restaurant, there are many kinds of Japanese wine and Japanese sake which go well with the Japanese dishes. You can decide the best drink with the servers who know about wine and sake well.

Since it is one of a popular Japanese restaurant in Shibuya, you should better make reservation beforehand. Enjoy the fine Japanese dishes with nice Japanese wine and sake at “Potsurapotsura”!!

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