Popular items in Shin’okubo

Shin’okubo is a famous spot in Tokyo as a Korean town. You can get many items that come from Korea like food, make-up items, K-pop stars’ items, etc… If you get there, you can make an experience like you go on a trip to Korea.

I’d like you to introduce some popular items in Shin’okubo.

【 cosmetic items section】

Korean costetic items have good quality & reasonable price.


This is No. 1 item in skin care goods section. The name is ‘ SYN-AKE wrinkle tox ‘( 1250 yen ). Surprisingly, this cream uses a tox of snakes to remove  wrinkles !

【 food section 】


This soup is No.1 popular item in a food section, Gamjatang ( pork bone soup ).

You can get these items at a shop called Hanryu grand park in Shin’okubo.


This shop has a various kinds of items related to Korea.

( Information ) K-PLAZA 1F basement, 2 minutes on foot from JR Shin’okubo / open 10 am-8pm 7days a week / tel: 03-5292-5959

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