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About three minutes walk from Sangenjaya station, there stands a small pancake shop in the alley off the main street.

When you enter the cafe, you can see the pancakes baked behind the glass, and the whole space is full of sweet smell.

Some are sofa seats instead of chairs, and you can relax as if you visited your friend’s house.

VoiVoi’s original pancakes are so soft and fluffy, which makes this cafe one of the famous pancake shop in Tokyo.

It is made of butter milk which they are especially particular about, flour, egg and milk. Nothing extra such as water is mixed in it, so you can enjoy the mild milk flavor.

The pancake dough is made only after you order it, so it may take 15 or 20 minutes to be baked.

You can enjoy tea, coffee or fruit juice until your pancake is ready.

Taste the freshly baked pancakes with whipped butter and maple syrup!!

They also provide seasonal menus using fresh fruits in season and several special menus with combination of fruit and cream which they recommend.

Each toppings are separated in small containers, so you can customize your pancake as you like.

There are three pancakes on one plate and you can add your favorite toppings such as whipped cream, ice cream, fruit jam, etc. with additional fee.

You may think it’s too heavy, but you will find out that you cannot stop eatting this after you experience the soft texture spread in your mouth.

They also serve pancakes with omelette and spam or vegetable so you can enjoy visiting at lunch or dinner time, besides tea time.

There are no scheduled holidays, so just don’t forget to check the website if the cafe is open.

Reservation is also available via telephone, especially preferable on crowded weekends.

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