P.C.M. PUB CARDINAL MARUNOUCHI is a comfortable and stylish pub where you can go casually located on the Tokyo International Forum’s side of Marunouchi. It also has an open air space. It offers beers from 600 yen and you don’t need the charge except for sofa seats. There are many people from abroad. You can eat really good Italian food there. Music which is played in the pub has been produced by LAVA who is a musician and a DJ! You can always listen to really nice music here. In addition, DJs make the guests enjoy themselves by special music. Some events are held every week on Fridays.

1147970_496312797152334_1335475498_nOne of the DJs is Dj-Alain. He is a nice guy who accept everyone with a happy smile. His DJ name came from an actor Alain Delon. His good music relaxes us. It covers a lot of kinds of music such as a fresh Bossa, nice Jazz and Soul, speedy Bossa JAzz and Latin Jazz and Dance Music which livens up the atmosphere. The hospitality of his music is awesome! he adds any  good music on facebook every day. You can follow him!

The following is his schedule in Jan. 2014. they will begin from 8 pm

  • Monday Jan. 20
  • Wednesday Jan. 22
  • Monday Jan. 27
  • Wednesday Jan. 29
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  1. Sciencer says:

    I have not known this spot before. According to this introduction of the pub, it sounds nice. I’d like to visit here to enjoy the Tokyo night.

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