Omotesando Hills

Omotesando hills tokyo

Omotesando Hills designed by a famous architect Tadao Ando, who received various domestic and international prizes in the field, and was built in 2006. The building has elaborated structure stretches into 250 m in length, imaging the slope of Omotesando.

omotesando hills tokyo indiseForeign visitors say this is a great architecture. The large slope locates in the center of the building and you can see all tenants in the building, just by walking the slope. There are about 60 tenants in the building. Jewelry shops like ‘AHKER’, ’EYEFUNNY’, ’e.m.’, ’SJX’, ’Siena’,an antique watch shop ‘CARESE’, ladies fashion shops like ‘iliann loeb’, ‘YLAN YLANG’, ’Argosy’, ’ADORE’, men’s fashion shops like ’R&Co.’, ’ IISER LOEN’ and kid’s fashion shops like ‘ARMANI JUNIORM ‘, ’ANIVERSARY MILK’.

There are also cosmetic shops and bag and fashion shops too. Variety of Restaurants and cafes are here too. From German to Japanese restaurants, Japanese liquor bar, chocolate bar ‘Jean-Paul Hevin’. The snack shops like the chocolate shop from Islael ‘MAX BRENNER, ’ the ice cream shop ‘Ben&Jerry’ which is loved by everyone in the world, and KuKuRuZa Popcorn also attract lots of people.

Omotesando Hills also offers you various kind of events. In Christmas time last year, ‘OMOTESANDO HILLS CHRISTMAS MARKET with Perrier’ was held. The visitors enjoyed shopping at 20 shops in the Christmas markets. Perrier and Christmas food were there too. Many people visit here to see beautifully illuminated buildings.

From the third floor under the ground to the third floor above the ground are used for above shopping tenants. Above fourth story to the top are used for residence. You can enjoy this stylish buildings all year round.

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