Okonomiyaki Konamon

okonomiyaki konamon

About 8 minutes away from Sakurashinmachi station in Setagaya-ku, there is a stylish Okonomiyaki restaurant called “Konamon” in the thicket. “Konamon” is a log house where you can eat delicious Okonomiyaki and grilled dishes. The restaurant is surrounded by the trees and you may forget that you are in Tokyo!!

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The Okonomiyaki of “Konamon” includes plenty of grated yam and therefore the texture is very soft and fluffy. If you choose Okonomiyaki with cheese or pieces of rice cake, it will melt while cooking and will add a wonderful texture when you eat it. To make delicious Okonomiyaki is to cook it carefully on the thick iron plate in front of you spending enough time. If you need help in cooking them, you can ask the staffs to ask for assistance.

Besides Okonomiyaki, grilled dishes of beef, pork and chicken are also recommended. Kurobuta (Berkshire) pork from Kagoshima has soft texture and fat of light taste, and the marbled Japanese beef steak of the rib roast is gorgeous and delicious. They also have fresh vegetables of the best season which are carefully selected, and you can eat them as salad or grilled vegetables.

There are about 20 kinds of local shochu and also many other drinks to enjoy your meal. You can either drink while eating Okonomiyaki or order additional small side dishes of so many kinds that you may wonder what to choose.

“Konamon” is often introduced at the media for the unique, stylish appearance of the restaurant and the good taste of each dishes. Since there are many seats and tables, you can see many people visit as dinner parties choosing course menus.

If you want to eat nice Okonomiyaki and grilled dishes, you may visit “Konamon” to enjoy the fine dishes in the quiet log house with full of nature.

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