Oiwake Dango Honpo

Oiwake Dango Honpo shinjuku tokyo

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Japanese style tea house you can quickly drop by when you go shopping

Oiwake Dango Honpo shinjuku tokyo2

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Oiwake dango honpo is a Japanese style tea house conveniently located near Shinjuku san-chome cross street. This is a great place to drop by after shopping at department store.

You see their Japanese style shop curtain with cool Kanji character in the busy downtown street of stylish city Shinjuku. Though the shop is on the first floor of the multiple-tenant building, they have modern classic Japanese atmosphere. This hidden gem tea house provide tempting varieties of Japanese sweets such as odango, anmitsu, and kakigori and more.

Odango is a type of rice cake ball on skewer which is usually served with bean paste, sweet say sauce and dry seaweed.

Anmitsu is a colorfully decorated parfait with small odango, fresh fruits, bean paste and ice cream etc..

Kakigori is a shaved ice served with various syrups and toppings.

This is fun to choose the sauce and toppings but at the same time, it makes you debate what to order. You can take the sweets to go, however, I have to say that the texture of odango is the best when it’s freshly made. All of the sweets are go well with the thick green tea which is served for free of charge in the shop.

Open hour

10:00 am – 8:30 pm

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