Oiwa Inari Younji Temple

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Oiwa inari located in Yotsuya is well known among Japanese people as it is the place of the famous ghost story “Yotsuya Kaidan” written in Edo period. The story is about faithful wife Oiwa was killed with poison by her nasty husband. Finally her face was collapsed due to the poison and she died cursing her husband.

Many plays had been released in these centuries such as Kabuki, Rakugo, movie and TV drama which covers this story all of them had made the audience scared.

Especially the scene Oiwa struggle madly scratching her face was very popular. After Oiwa’s death, many strange accidents happened and finally her husband died an unnatural death.

Oiwa inari was built to quiet down her curse. However, interestingly, Oiwa inari is known as a place for marriage tie nowadays. Of course it is known as successful break off as well.

One of the method that Japanese people cooling down themselves in summer is telling ghost story as it makes them scared and forgot the summer heat.

Oiwa Inari can be accessed from Yotsuya-Sanchome Station within 8 minuted walk.

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