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Just 1 minute’ walk from Monzen Nakacho station, in a quiet city of Monzen Nakacho, there is a small Japanese restaurant called “Ohashi kitchen”.

Jazz music is being played in the restaurant, and the comfortable atmosphere makes you feel as if you came back home. You can see the cooks at the counter kitchen from your seats and can easily call out to them, and the friendly, polite cooks will come up to you.

They have about 10 kinds of small dishes of Kyoto-style home cooking of the day, such as boiled vegetables of the season. You can choose your favorite dishes with alcohol as an appetizer before the main dish.

There are many other side dish and main dish using the fresh ingredients of the season. Fresh vegetables are delivered directly from Shinshu region, and you can taste the flavor of each ingredient at the best season, and also many rare vegetables and mushrooms which you seldom see in Tokyo. Fresh fish is also delivered directly from each production district, mainly fish of the best season. You can enjoy the fresh fish as sashimi (sliced raw fish) or side dish such as “Salad of Vinegared Mackerel”.

For drink menus, we recommend you to order Japanese sake of fine selection. They have recommended Japanese sake of the sake brewery run by the young chief brewer in the news, so people who like new and interesting things can enjoy their collection.

It is open at lunch time on weekdays, and many people visit to eat the healthy and comfort Japanese food. At dinner time, many people after work visit to enjoy today’s special and the conversation with the staff, mainly regular customers. You can reserve the whole restaurant from 20 people, so you can relax having nice dinner with your friends.

For delicious Japanese food and sake, visit “Ohashi kitchen” to have a wonderful time.

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