Oedo Onsen Monogatari Hot Springs in Odaiba

Do you know a big spa theme park in Tokyo ?

It’s ” Oedo Onsen Monogatari” in Odaiba. Once you enter this spa, you would feel like you are transported back in time to the Edo period.


This facility has a main spa that 100 people can use at the same time, open-air spa, and bedrock bath. You can relax and heel fatigue of a long trip. In addition, there are some entertaiments there. After taking a bath, you can enjoy wearing Yukata, Japanese casual summer kimono,  ” Ennichi “, Japanese traditional stand shops, and a fortune-telling.

The theme park has an accomodation that you can stay in with the nice price. If you don’t have enough money to stay in a room, you can use a napping room by free. That’s why you don’t have to annoy about the way to find and get to your hotel after having dinner !

( Imformation) 2 minutes on foot from Yurikamome telecom center station / open : 11am-9am( next morning) / entrance fee : ( daytime)adult 2480 yen ( weekend 2680 yen), ( night time) 1980 yen ( weekend2180yen) / Official website:http://www.ooedoonsen.jp/daiba/?_ga=1.153178366.719022965.1398007679

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2 Responses

  1. hami2009 says:

    I’m thinking about taking my daughter here this summer because she begs me to take here to onsen (hot springs) whenever we are in Japan. It would be a nice place to stay and relax after enjoying shopping around Odaiba area. I also like that you can play Japanese style festival games there.

  2. Hiro says:

    I haven’t been there for a while. I really want to go there again and spend whole day just for relaxing.

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