Odawara Castle

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Odawara Castle is located in Kanagawa prefecture, this is a Japanese castle from warlike ages to the Edo Period. A ruin of a castle is designated as a national ruin. Odawara City is a town blessed with the mild climate, beautiful nature, and history and culture.

There is a park next to castle, it’s called Jyoushi park. About 350 Someiyoshino cherry trees are planted, it a landmark of a cherry tree is famous under Kanagawa. And, Plum, Fuji, Hydrangea and Azalea are a beautiful park where a flower in each season blooms.

So, when spring comes there, many people visit there.


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The monument where the history of the old name of the town and the name was cut is put at each place by the street corner in Odawara. This monument is called “old name of the town preservation monument”.

Odawara City investigated a name of the town as “historical name of the town preservation business” from 1985 and installed a tombstone to leave a name of the town in Odawara with history in posterity.

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Odawara Castle donjon hangs about 950,000,000 yen, and an earthquake-resistant repair work is put into effect. It is scheduled from July, 2015 to the end of March, 16. A donjon closes during a period.

We have to be careful  this period.

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