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When you feel like eating something not too heavy although you are hungry, what about “Ochazuke”? Ochazuke is one of the popular Japanese food which you pour green tea or Japanese stock over the bowl of rice and your favorite seafood or other ingredients. There is one unique Ochazuke restaurant in Shinjuku called “Ochazuke Bar ZUZU”, which is about 5 minutes away from Shinjuku station.

The interior of this restaurant is stylish with the combination of traditional Japanese style and modern style, which is supervised by the popular interior shop in Minami-Aoyama, and you can take off your shoes and have a relaxed meal. It is also introduced in TV and magazines for its unique theme of the restaurant.

The natural Japanese broth used for Ochazuke is carefully made from plenty of kelp and bonito. In addition, the fresh ingredients are delivered directly from all over Japan to create a variety of nice Ochazuke and other side dishes.

One of the recommended Ochazuke is “Aburi Mentaiko Chazuke” which is an Ochazuke with grilled seasoned cod roe delivered from Hakata area, and you can enjoy the fragrant outside of the seasoned cod roe and the plump texture of the inside with the original Japanese stock.

There are also recommended side dishes which you can order with Ochazuke. “Seared Oyama Chicken Leg” is popular for its light taste, which are chicken slices grilled quickly so you can enjoy the juicy texture of the inside.

They have also many kinds of alcohol such as wine, beer, shochu and local sake. You may have a light meal with Ochazuke and have a long drinking time.

Even if you are not familiar with Ochazuke, “Ochazuke Bar ZUZU” may be casual enough to drop by and try them in a cozy atmosphere with other food and drinks.

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