Now Akihabara station

Akihabara station is located the nearest in Akihabara-area which is the most famous electronics quarter in Japan.  Many ads of animations and consumer electronics companies are advertised inAkihabara station yard and you can see entertaininginformationfrom station’s ads.

The ratio of young people in passengers of Akihabara station is higher than that of other stations. That is due to animations and electronics quarter.


Shopping mall named “Atore-Akihabara” is located in Akihabara station. We can go shopping and eat foods conveniently. So many women use this shopping mall. Akihabara station is one of the transportation hubs in Tokyoand it is intersected with manyrail lines. So this place is bustling community not only holiday but also weekday.

Moreover there are manyrestaurants of low price but good dishes around Akihabara station.

At night many people stop by on their way home from work

Around Akihabara station many streets is free of vehicle, pedestrians can walk in such streets safely, they can drink until late at night.

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  1. haramin says:

    Akihabara is a mecca for OTAKU.

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