Nitakiya Owan

About 4 minutes walk from Kayabacho station, there is a small restaurant which serves Oden or Japanese hotchpotch, and Japanese small-plate dishes. You can also walk from other stations such as Hacchobori or Nihonbashi station.

From outside the restaurant, you can see the cooks at the kitchen through the window, and they will welcome you warmly. There are 6 counter seats which is just in front of the kitchen, and there is 1 table near the entrance for 4 people. Regular customers are usually sitting at the counter seats and enjoy talking with the friendly cooks besides eating and drinking. The restaurant is in a simply style and cozy as if it is a small cafe.

Japanese small-plate dishes of Kyoto-style home cooking and Oden using the Japanese-style soup stock all have a mild flavor, and you can enjoy the taste of each ingredients. If you cannot decide which ingredients of Oden to eat, they will bring you assorted Oden of cook’s selection. Soft boiled eggs, boiled Japanese white radish which Japanese-style soup stock is soaked into…you may want to order for another helping for its magnificent taste.

They also have many fine Japanese sake which goes well with the Japanese dishes. It has a mild sweet taste, and even people who originally do not drink Japanese sake also tend to drink it for its fresh taste and flavor. The cook also explains you the recommended sake and its features.

It is also open at lunch time which serves lunch set meal of the day. You can choose 2 small dishes out of several menus of the day, and main dish and Oden is included in the lunch set.

Since the number of seats is limited, it is better to make a reservation beforehand.

Enjoy the best Oden and Japanese small-plate dishes, and you will love Japanese dishes even more!!

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