Nippon TV Tower

Siodome is located near Shinbashi station. If you stop by this station, I recommend you go to Nippon tv tower, a landmark tower of Shiodome.


The buliding is run by Nippon television, one of the most famous broadcast in Japan.You can enter there for free and watch some live programs.

If you like Miyazaki Hayao, a very famous Japanese cartoon artist, please don’t miss the huge marionette clock designed by him.The height is 12 meters and the width is 18 meters so I’m sure you can see it, one of the largest clocks in the world.


If you also love Ramen, why don’t you eat at Shiodome Ramen ? The ramen served by an open restaurant there is really popular. You can choose some flavors like Shio, Miso.


When you leave this tower, remember to check some cute items ! If you go to some shops, you can get keyholders, handtowls, and stuffed dolls related to some characters of the broadcast like Ampanman and Sorajiro, etc…

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