Nippon Budokan

nippon budokan

The Nippon Budokan (a.k.a Budokan) is a large indoor arena located in the middle of Tokyo, precisely next to the Imperial palace. The arena was initially constructed for the 1964 Tokyo Olympic games for Judo and is planned for use again in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The closest station to Budokan is Kudanshita station and can be reached by taking the Toei Shinjyuku line or the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon line. Martial arts and other kinds of sports are still being held at Budokan, but the other amazing thing is that a countless number of famous musicians has also played inside the area, such as the Beatles, Deep Purple, ABBA, Bryan Adams, Ozzy Ozbourne etc. Since then, it has been a dream for artists from all around the world to play at Budokan; it is sort of a status of how far you have gone in Japan, in terms of popularity, if you have experience playing at Budokan. So whenever you happen to be in Tokyo when gigs are being held at Budokan, it is highly recommended to buy a ticket for the show!

If you check the location of Budokan on a map, you will notice that the area is surrounded with lots of green and nature (Something unusual to see in an urban city center)! As mentioned before, Budokan is located right next to the imperial palace and is quite a scene! On a sunny day, it is great to have a picnic on a bench near by and experience some of Japan’s traditional culture! The perimeter of the imperial palace is approximately 5 km, which is a nice distance to go for a jog! You will see many runners running around the palace during the day!

Anyways, Budokan itself is a nicely built arena so please check this place out whenever you have the time!

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