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If you feel like drinking Japanese sake with nice Japanese dishes, one of the recommendation is “Nihonshu(Japanese Sake) Bar Kiboan” which is in Ikebukuro. It is in the west side of Ikebukuro station about 8 minutes away, at the 6th floor of the building next to the Nishi-Ikebukuro Park.

There are several table seats and counter seats with enough space in between, and all the seats are non-smoking so you can relax and enjoy the taste and smell of your meal.

“Kiboan” is a Japanese sake bar and always have over 80 kinds of Japanese sake from all over Japan. Most drinks is of little amount, so you can enjoy many kinds of sake during your meal. You can find rare sake which you seldom see at other restaurants, and the staffs will kindly explain about each sake. They have many kinds of Japanese sake of the season, and also have sake set which you can compare several kinds of sake of the bar’s selection. In addition, the chaser to drink with sake is of mother water of sake brewery in Yamagata prefecture.

Besides the variety of sake, there are also many kinds of one-plate meal. They are rather simple but therefore served without waiting too long, and they all go well with Japanese sake. Raw oysters and baked shellfish are always delicious, seafood of the best season, meat and eggs from designated producers and vegetables directly delivered from the farm create nice dishes.

Some of the recommended menus are “Grilled guinea fowl legs” which you can enjoy the gravy of the well salted guinea fowl from Iwate prefecture each time you chew it, and “Grilled black Hanpen” which is a boiled flat fish cake from Shizuoka prefecture and you can enjoy the aroma of sardines.

For Japanese sake lovers, “kiboan” is really a nice bar to enjoy the best sake.

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