Nihonbashi Tendon Kaneko Hannosuke

Amazing Tempura bowl; Kaneko Hannosuke in Nihonbashi

Tendon Kaneko Hannosuke – Amazing Temple Bowl Restaurant

Just 1 minute away from Mitsukoshi-mae station, there is a famous tempura restaurant called “Tendon Kaneko Hannosuke”. The restaurant is named after the founder Hannosuke Kaneko who really loved Japanese cuisine than anyone. As in the name of the restaurant, the only menu they provide is “tendon” which is the bowl of rice with assortment of tempura on top.

The reservation cannot be made, so you can see people making a long line in front of the restaurant especially lunch time and the time when the restaurant opens. The staff will come to ask you the order in advance whether you want to change the rice of the Tendon to a large helping and to order miso soup or not.

The reason why this restaurant is so popular is because of the volume and its reasonable price. Tempura of large conger eel, 2 shrimps, laver, shishito pepper, Japanese scallop and soft boiled egg is on top of the rice and the original salty-sweet sauce is poured over it. You can enjoy the soft seafood and the crispy tempura batter which is fried with fragrant sesame oil. In addition, the small citron (yuzu) peel is on top of the conger eel which adds the refreshing aroma.

If you are worried of heartburn or feel like refreshing your palate, you can eat pickled radish and pickled burdock and ginger which are in the pots on the table for free. Black bean tea which is served for free is rather a unique service, and you can enjoy your entire meal.

If you do not waste much time waiting to eat your meal, you can also reserve for the packed Tendon to bring home although the soft boil egg is not included due to sanitary reasons.

To eat reasonable Tendon, we recommend you to visit “Tendon Kaneko Hannosuke”.

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  1. Yaga says:

    It is huge! Tempura is very delicious and very poplar Japanese food. Many foreigner say it is their favorite japanese food.

  2. Sciencer says:

    I love tempura. Tempura with a sauce based on soy sauce is very good. And in this restaurant, this article says we can enjoy a big one. Must go!

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